Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Little kids playin in the park downtown, soon they'll be gone as the sun goes down.

... I'm following my shadows so I cross the street,
car passing stereo I like the beat.
[...]Asking me all kids of trivial questions,
pretending an everyday life we don't have.
Little kids playing in the park downtown,
Soon they'll be gone as the sun goes down.
 And rises over, Brooklyn Bridge tomorrow, 
hours later I will follow,
wake up to a life that's hollow without love.

- Kings of Convinience, Little Kids.

 Picture by J


  1. süßer blog&gute zeichnung:)
    liebe grüße♥

  2. die Zeichnung ist toll =)
    und dein blog gefällt mir

    viele grüße saskia